Message of Principal

BPATC School & College is one of the most renowned educational institutions at Savar in Dhaka which is surrounded by the natural beauty and security system of Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC) that has an alluring environment. It started its journey as a school in 1984 and earned the recognition of Education Board in 1987. As a token of its outstanding result, College section started its journey in 2000. This institution is run by the rules and regulations of Ministry of Education as well as Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Dhaka. It is also governed by the well guidance of highly educated members of Governing Body formed by BPATC faculty members. The honorable Rector of BPATC, (Savar, Dhaka) plays a vital role for the betterment of every sector of this institution.

BPATC School & College is famous for not only its academic result but also for its co-curricular activities. It is equipped with well qualified teachers, good physical infrastructure, Library and Computer Lab furnished with all modern facilities. It has also Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other labs and most importantly students get opportunity for e- learning. Online classes are also taken smoothly. Undoubtedly, it has excellent, efficient, experienced, skilled and highly educated faculty in every respective subjects for science, Arts and Commerce who plan meticulously all the academic, curricular and co-curricular activities for the students. The students do have benefit of contributions from interdisciplinary teaching faculty and ample opportunity for extra- curricular activities as our institution has excellent facilities for the same. I am proud to say that almost all our alumni’s are on job in various fields government and non-government institutions in home and abroad.

Above all, BPATC School & College seeks to personalize the learning experience for every student. The guardians are welcome to talk about their young pupil’s education. For the advancement of the result of this institution I am expecting the collaboration of all teachers, students, guardians and the members of governing body. I along with the teachers am pledged to persist in carrying with the best of our efforts in the days to come. Best of luck to all.

Md. Aminul Karim
22nd BCS General Education (ID: 12810)
BPATC School & College
Deputy Director (B.S)
BPATC, Savar, Dhaka